Get started with your Ily.

Once your Ily arrives, you’ll find that we’ve made setup extra simple, so all you need to worry about is picking a way to connect with loved ones!

  1. Position your Ily.

    Ily was intentionally designed to plug in and stay put. Find a place in your home that feels right.

    Stand your Ily upright or lay it flat. The handset works in both directions regardless of orientation.

  2. Plug and go.

    Just snap on one of the included most common international power adapters and plug in your Ily.

    Follow the guided on-screen instructions to get connected and ready to add contacts.

  3. Set up your family.

    Your profile is your Ily. Name it after just yourself or even your whole family and snap your profile picture.

    Now input contact directly or download the Ily app for iOS or Android to seamlessly add them from your phone.

  4. Say hello.

    Call other Ily’s, or have your family member follow the welcome link on their device to downlad the Ily app.

    Now just tap the face of the person you’d like to call and choose however you’d like to connect!

Here's some things to know about your new
Ily family network.

Home phone-ish

Don’t think of Ily as a phone the way you used to. Home phones have a phone number that’s an opening to any number in the world. Ily is a closed network.

Invite only

A closed network means that, unlike a telephone, your “phone” really has no number, it’s simply a device in a closed network of other devices that only you invite.

No strangers

Because of this closed network, no strangers can reach your device. Ensuring that your child is never accessible to anyone but the people you choose.

Using Ily is even easier than setting it up.

There’s not much to it, just some simple ways to get in touch with the people you want closest.

One tap away
from loved ones

Each contact has a profile screen that makes it fast and easy for everyone in the family to find each other and connect. Little ones can do it by themselves!

Get creative with messages.

Send and receive messages that are as unique as your family. Make mom’s day by sending her a doodle, or choose from text, voice, video, or photo messaging.

Welcome to Ily life.

Document your family’s most memorable moments and share them for loved ones to see anytime on Ily Life, the private photo-sharing tool.

Replace your old landline.

Get rid of that old-school home phone! Just plug Ily to your landline service, and you’re ready to go.

Live colorfully.*

Magnetic snap-on handset covers add personality to your Ily and the entire Ily OS changes color schemes with each colored handset.

*Coming soon

The Ily app.

Learn more

Staying in touch should be simple.

And with Ily, it is. Pre-order your Ily today or get
informed when Ily becomes available.